Hello! Frida is an Arabian Mau rescue cat from the UAE.

She was adopted from a rescue group in Abu Dhabi when she was around four months old. She was found in the streets without her mommy at around three months old by the rescue group and our family adopted her soon after.  She was not very well when we adopted her and it took a couple of trips to the vet to get her healthy and some weight on her.

Frida has been in her forever home for almost two years now and loves to sleep and play a lot.  She is a very happy but loud cat and we believe she may have one of the loudest meows on the planet!

Frida was not too happy at first when her sister Roxy the dog arrived and it took about six weeks before she was finally at peace with her in the house.  Roxy and Frida now love to play together and are a lot of fun to watch. 💕